Independent Cleaner Vs A Cleaning Service Company, Who Is Better?

When you find yourself seeking residential home cleaning, you will have to choose between an independent cleaner or a local maid service. Just in case you’re wondering which option is better, here is a quick overview.

  • Credibility – When hiring someone to clean your home, you give them access to your inner sanctum. Because of this, they need to be trustworthy. An independent maid doesn’t have the backing of a company that has done its due diligence. Instead, you will have to bear the tedious task of verifying references and running background checks. Even then, you can miss vital information. A home cleaning service company does all the necessary checks to ensure they hire honest, upstanding individuals. And if something does go wrong, or you are unhappy with the service rendered, you will have a channel to receive recourse.
  • Quality of Service/Availability – Local professional cleaning services set standards for service that must be adhered to by all employees. If a maid in a company does not uphold these standards in your home, you receive redress. With independent residential maids, there is standardized quality control. If their work is not to your liking, you cannot do much about it except not rehiring. Also, you are at the whim of their schedule. If they fail to meet their appointment at the last minute, you have no alternative. A professional maid service provides you with a substitute if your appointed cleaner is suddenly unavailable.
  • Insurance and Legality– Local professional cleaning services must be insured to protect homeowners and maids alike in the case of any unforeseen circumstance. An independent residential maid has no such protection. If they get hurt in your home, you are liable. Additionally, if you pay your independent residential maid over a certain threshold, the IRS deems the relationship as employee/employer, and you will have to fulfill the obligations of a formal employee.

An independent Maid for the day may appear economical at the moment, but they can end up costing you way more in the long run.

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