Post Construction Cleaning

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House Cleaning in Miami, FL

Need to Clear the Dust and Debris from your Home?

After you complete your renovation, the project will look new, but most likely it is filled with dust and debris. Let us help you with the final details, so you can rest and relax. We’ll give your completed project the final shine it needs.

Renovations Don’t have to be STRESSFUL!

We think you deserve a break and would love to take care of the post-renovation cleanup for you. We use only the most professional products, equipment, and best practices to quickly get your renovated space ready for serious living!

House Cleaning in Miami, FL

The Post Construction Cleaning includes the following:

Kindly note that: there may be some dust resettlement after we leave. While we make every effort to minimize airborne dust, it cannot be entirely prevented. For cases of extensive construction dust, a single cleaning may not completely remove it. Additional cleaning sessions may be required for a thorough result. Additionally, please note that it’s normal for surfaces to develop a film, which can be gradually eliminated through multiple cleanings over time.

We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will only be dusted with an extension duster. We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.

We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning or other delegate blinds. Excessive build-up may require a professional blind cleaning service.

Our Post Construction cleaning services have several advantages.

The following are the benefits of hiring professional post-construction cleaners:

Wiz Cleaners is a reputable provider of post-construction cleaning in Coral Gables and the surrounding areas. Our only objective is to provide our business and residential clients with a thorough cleaning solution that will make the process easier for them. Contact us today to get started!

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