The Difference Between General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

When hiring your local cleaning service company, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the suite of service offerings. One of the questions homeowners ask the most is what’s the difference between a general clean and a deep clean.

Before you go hiring a cleaning service, here is an overview of general and deep cleaning.

What Is General Cleaning?

General house cleaning is when your maid service company does a basic cleaning of your home to ensure it is clutter-free, clean, tidy, and sanitary. This is the standard cleaning homeowners do almost every day, even without a cleaning company. It includes simple dusting, sweeping, wiping floors and surfaces, spreading beds, and other rudimentary cleaning tasks.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is what many people hire local house cleaning companies for. Where many will feel comfortable doing general cleaning themselves when they require cleaning beyond the surface, they acquire professional residential home cleaning. Deep cleaning is necessary to remove debris and other unsanitary build-up accumulated around the home.

It is extensive and gets into all the nooks and crannies of your house. No corner is left unturned with deep cleaning. Ceiling fans, baseboards, doors, door frames, windowsills are hand wiped, and bathrooms double scrubbed. Anything that you don’t regularly clean falls into the deep cleaning required category. This level of in-depth cleaning leaves your home impeccable, welcoming, and as close to brand new as possible.


You will require both services, just at different times. General cleaning is usually carried out weekly or biweekly. It is recommended to deep clean your home at least three times per year to guarantee a clean home beyond the surface, but if you begin cleaning service with a deep cleaning, your home will be kept at a maintenance level with recurring service, which may not require your home to need a deep clean moving forward.

To avoid dissatisfaction, we strongly recommend that you begin your first maid service visit with a deep cleaning. This allows your cleaning technician to address areas of your home that may have been ignored for an extended period. Not starting with a deep cleaning, the maintenance cleanings will be less effective, and you may not be satisfied with the results. We only recommend a general cleaning to start if you have had professional cleaning within the last four weeks.

Now you know, contact your local cleaning service company, and let the professionals handle it.

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